To start, I manage to pass my VCP-IaaS (VCPVCD510) exam this week(photo below). I am hoping that if you are reading this you are going to attempt it as well and maybe, just maybe this will help you out a little bit. Basically I aim to share what I used to study for this as well as how it went.

First, I took the VCP-IaaS exam instead of the VCP-Cloud exam as I am already a VCP5 and currently passing the IaaS allows you to obtain the VCP-Cloud certification. If you are not a VCP5 make sure you take the proper exam.

List o’ resources:

First – I want to thank @GreggRobertson5 for the resources on his blog TheSaffaGeek. So much great content there, like study materials for many VMware exams. One of the best blogs I have found for my “one-stop-shopping” when it comes to tech related info. So please check out his resource section for the VCP-IaaS and VCP-Cloud as I can’t stress how much I used the content he covered here.

Something that I found helpful to breakdown the networking aspect a bit more was a site that I heard referenced in one of the vBrownBag podcasts that I listened to(more info below) from Massimo Re Ferrè @mreferre. His post vCloud Director Networking for Dummies provides a nice breakdown of the networking concepts and provides visuals(I really like visuals).

After I had been using vCD for a little while and had gone over the resources above I decided to take the practice questions provided by @pmcsharry on his site Elastic Sky, where he provides practice questions for not only the IaaS exam but for the VCP4 and VCP5 exams as well.

I could not have passed this exam or learned all that I did without the help of the folks over at ProfessionalVMware. I want to thank everyone who contributed to the #vBrownBag series as they are very useful in your studies. These are a must and such a great resource. If you haven’t checked them out in the past, what are you waiting for!?!

How it went for me:

Well, time wasn’t that big of a deal for me on this exam. I finished with about 25 minutes to spare. It seemed like a well rounded exam and I was glad I had gone over all items listed in the blueprint as anything is up for grabs during the exam. I recently read on the TrainSignal Blog here, that you should stop second guessing yourself on exams/tests and that if you think you are correct with your first “gut” feeling, your probably are. So, I did just that. I flagged a few questions, maybe 8 and decided to review them at the end. I began reviewing and thought about that very quick tip and decided to click submit. As you can see below it worked out just fine for me but we all test differently. Image