For everyone who is interested in taking future VMware Certification exams I’d like to share this VMware Education Post and Part 3/3.

To summarize there will once again be VCAP level certifications which were previously going away. If you achieve both VCAP6 exams you will then obtain the VCIX6. See more below from the VMware Education blog post:

“We had originally planned to retire the VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) certification altogether. However, based upon customer feedback we are reversing that decision (refer to the diagram below). For v6 the VCAP level will not be going away. You will be able to earn a VCAP6 Design and/or a VCAP6 Deployment certification when you pass the corresponding Design exam or Deployment exam (lab).”



Please note the above were taken from the VMware Education and Certification blog. Refer to the original post for more information.

I am VERY much in favor of this change as I know that not all people take the VMware certification exams want to have to pass both exams for the higher level certifications. Overall to me it just makes sense to keep the VCAP exams and I look forward to taking these in the near future!