VCAP-DCD5.x attempts and resources

I’ve been working on and off for about a year trying to get my level of knowledge up in order to pass the VCAP-DCD5.x Cert. At the time of typing this up I have failed the exam with a 287(which 300 is required) but feel really good about taking this again soon! This is not an easy exam for me as I am more of an Admin and do not have a Design background.

I have been using resources from all over but would like to note a few places that really have helped me:

PluralSight – Scott Lowe <– Can’t say how much this course has helped and I really enjoy the PluralSight courses. Overall it is a VERY helping part in my studies.

Paul McSharry’s blog called Elastic Sky <– The site in general is very helping and worth browsing over the entire thing for virtualisation ideas and answers. I found the page dedicated to the VCAP-DCD very useful and it provided a nice write-up of the exam and links to many other resources that have helped me along my journey. I also happened to have purchased his book that is written for the DCD and find it to be a MUST read before taking this exam.

Gregg Robertson’s blog TheSaffaGeek  <– Has many resources linked and reviewed on this page. All of which are worth reading. Greg is a great resource for any VMware cert it seems 🙂

Hopefully the next post I make about the DCD is one with me passing it in time to focus on the VCIX and vSphere6 exams… If I do end up using other resources I will be sure to add them here. Best of luck to all of the others who hope to pass this!