VCAP-DCD5.5 – 3rd time is the charm

Yesterday I sat the VCAP-DCD5.5 exam for the 3rd and thankfully the FINAL time. It has been the most difficult exam I’ve take yet but well worth it. Coming from pretty much just an admin background I had plenty to learn.

A quick summary of the resources that I really needed in order to pass and thanks to the people that created them:

PluralSight – Scott Lowe <–Really hard to say how much this course helped me out. Not just for the exam but for my overall design knowledge. I HIGHLY recommend watching this entire training and keep a copy of the VCAP blueprint handy to take some notes.

Paul McSharry’s blog called Elastic Sky and his book found HERE which is the Official VCAP-DCD Cert guide. This is a must read, I read this book twice and it is loaded with great information. I couldn’t have passed the exam without this book(in case you are wondering yes I have the paper version…just a personal preference).

Gregg Robertson’s blog TheSaffaGeek is loaded with amazing resoures. Gregg has resources for all sorts of exams including the VCDX which Gregg now holds.

James Burd’s blog Burdweiser has a fantastic write up about Auto Deploy dependencies which I was personally weak on.

Like I said the 3rd time was the charm 🙂