vCNS / NSX + vCenter(s) + Single PSC potential license issues

During the course of upgrades/installs/adding capacity people hit many different errors. One such error or issue came up and I just want to make people aware going forward about it.

If you are thinking about adding NSX to your environment and are currently running vCNS please be careful if you are using a SINGLE PSC that your vCenters are connected to. Once you add a NSX license(EVAL or full license) it will AUTO UN-SELECT your vCNS license!vspherelicense1

Then if you are using something like vCloudDirector you might see errors like the following: “VSM response error (214): Not licensed for Entity : vcloud-netsec feature : vxlan : add on :”


To resolve this and revert back to your vCNS licenses, under Licenses click the Assets Tab, click on Solutions, select the license you want to assign again and then under the All Action gear dropdown you can click assign license. vspherelicense3.PNG


This is a short post but hopefully it will save some people frustration in the future.





A few days ago I sat the VCIX-NV exam. This was not the first time that I had taken this exam but it was the last as I did manage to pass ! I will try and break down what I used to study for this exam and how my experience was.

To start, I do not work extensively with vSphere/NSX networking daily as far as installing/configuration goes but I do get a good amount of exposure to troubleshooting these areas. I was able to get some more hands on experience and some great breakdown thanks to my colleagues @Virtsouthwest(Mike A) and @Tompkins_23(John T).

Resources used:

Overall there are many resources out there for this exam and I will list a few that I found very helpful in preparing.

Jason Nash’s pluralsight courses found here were fantastic. I have always found pluralsight courses helpful for learning something new or getting more in depth into things. There are two courses, an intro course and a NSX Network Services course.  If you have a subscription these are a must watch.

Iwan Hoogendoorn’s set of NSX videos found on YouTube are a great breakdown in video form of the blueprint for this exam. HUGE thank you to Iwan for this content since it seems if you know all of the points in the VMware exam blueprint you will do just fine.

Martijn Smit’s blog LostDomain has a downloadable guide that breaks down the VCIX blueprint in detail with screenshots(I really like screenshots). Again it is vital to know each point in the blueprint for VMware exams. This guide is a perfect resource for knowing each point.

Exam experience:

Overall I had some issues much like others that have written about this exam. There are just some bugs with the version of NSX used in the exam. Be sure that if you do have an issue you get some help ASAP. I ran into issues that I can’t go into but I ended up needing assistance which resulted in a fix. I was able to keep moving forward with my exam and I was still in a decent mood(keep calm if you run into issues). Moving past the issues, I thought the exam itself did a good job of covering a wide range of network items that one could expect to run into in the course of being a VMware Admin/NSX Admin/vNetwork Admin. As I said above, know and be able to complete each point in the blueprint!