Certification upgrade paths

So I spend a good amount of time(read far too much time) on the VMware Education blog site, it is a great place to get the current information on new courses, videos, free labs and certification news. I was looking over some older posts before taking my VCAP6-DCV Deployment exam and found this post. It is about getting your DCV certifications upgraded to version 6 and the new VCIX.

After reading the above I think it is interesting that, if I am reading this post correctly and I like to think I am, you can take either the Deploy or Design exam to get upgrade your version 5 VCAP-DCV certs depending on which v5 exams you’ve passed. To quote the page:

“To upgrade from a VCAP5, complete the alternate VCAP6 certification. For instance, a VCAP5-DCA plus a VCAP6-DCV Design would earn you the VCIX6 designation.”

So having both the VCAP5-DCA + DCD and having passed the VCAP6-DCV Deployment exam I should get an upgrade to the VCIX shortly. I’ll post back my experience on how long this takes.



Update: I opened a case and have received a reply stating I also need the VCP6 passed for the upgrade to happen. I have yet to see that via a public doc and per the attached screenshot I do not feel this is the case. More to come:



Update: After providing more info and documentation is was decided that you do not need the VCP6 in order to get the VCIX6-DCV. I have been informed this will reflect in my transcript in the near future! Hopefully this does not happen to anyone else going forward.


VCAP6-DCV Deployment passed!


A few days ago I sat and passed the fully released version of the VCAP6-DCV Deploy exam! I failed the Beta version of this exam a few months ago but even then I felt this was a good exam that covered great topics. Having the VCAP5-DCA/DCD passed so this should upgrade my certs to the VCIX6-DCV.

Here is a quick breakdown of resources I used, my experience and notes I can share that are important before sitting this exam:

Review the new platform interface “disclaimer”! There are some tricky limits that you need to be aware of before sitting this. At the time I am typing this Control, Alt, Backspace do not work. This means that if you miss type something and instinctively hit backspace to correct your error you will not be able to. If you want to use that nifty ctrl + c and then ctrl + v to say… copy and paste something that will not work either. Hopefully this is changed in the future. Also check your screen resolution, I overlooked this for 2 hours and had a terrible time with scaling.

Resources used:

Much like other exams the breakdown/blue print is key. I go over the blueprint for each exam since they can literally touch on any topic listed. A great breakdown comes from Kyle Jenner’s study guide which can be found at vJenner.com and you can find him on twitter @kylejenneruk. Another great resource is Pluralsight’s video training. There are slack and google study groups that you can join as well.  Building a home lab for this or any exam I think is helpful. Having said that I’m lucky enough to work with many different VMware products in my current role that are covered in this exam. There are also Hand on Labs that you can use if you do not have a home lab.

Exam experience:

My experience was really good from a performance side of things. The new platform works well aside from the above noted issues. I wasted so much time since I forgot about changing the resolution. Be careful on your time management, I spent a good amount of time on the first few questions without realizing that an hour had passed. Time management is key as I ended up having 8 questions left with about 35 minutes remaining. Keep an eye on that clock! Do not give up even if you are short on time see what you can do! I felt like the topics covered were fair and things a well rounded VI admin should know or at least tinkered with to keep current.

Hopefully this is helpful. Please reach out to me on twitter/slack/linkedin/email if you have questions.