Certification upgrade paths

So I spend a good amount of time(read far too much time) on the VMware Education blog site, it is a great place to get the current information on new courses, videos, free labs and certification news. I was looking over some older posts before taking my VCAP6-DCV Deployment exam and found this post. It is about getting your DCV certifications upgraded to version 6 and the new VCIX.

After reading the above I think it is interesting that, if I am reading this post correctly and I like to think I am, you can take either the Deploy or Design exam to get upgrade your version 5 VCAP-DCV certs depending on which v5 exams you’ve passed. To quote the page:

“To upgrade from a VCAP5, complete the alternate VCAP6 certification. For instance, a VCAP5-DCA plus a VCAP6-DCV Design would earn you the VCIX6 designation.”

So having both the VCAP5-DCA + DCD and having passed the VCAP6-DCV Deployment exam I should get an upgrade to the VCIX shortly. I’ll post back my experience on how long this takes.



Update: I opened a case and have received a reply stating I also need the VCP6 passed for the upgrade to happen. I have yet to see that via a public doc and per the attached screenshot I do not feel this is the case. More to come:



Update: After providing more info and documentation is was decided that you do not need the VCP6 in order to get the VCIX6-DCV. I have been informed this will reflect in my transcript in the near future! Hopefully this does not happen to anyone else going forward.


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