Photon OS vCenter 6.5 deleting EAM folders in /tmp

To anyone that runs into an issue where hosts fail to get prepared with VXLAN by NSX, hopefully this post will help you out. This specific issue a very wise colleague(Mr.Sage) found, is when EAM(ESX Agent Manager) folders get deleted within the /tmp directory in the Photon OS 6.5 vCenter and that causes your hosts to not get prepared by NSX with VXLAN until a workaround is put in place or your restart EAM.

The good news is that there is a workaround(Please note I’m not expert on this and implementing this is done at your own risk

  1. First, as noted above you can simply restart EAM. Seems easy enough but how often do you reboot a host and how often do you really want to restart EAM?
    1. If you do want to restart EAM you can simply use the following command to check the status/stop/start vmware-eam

# Use this to check the status of EAM and simply change the "--status" to "--start" or "--stop"

service-control --status vmware-eam

  1. The other work around is to create a new file under this directory: /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d named tmp-eam.conf with the following contents:

# Exclude the following for EAM service
x /tmp/eam*

The above would allow the eam files to stay around until the system is rebooted. Once the vCenter is rebooted EAM would be restarted anyway and the files would be recreated.

Hope this helps and ping me with any feedback or questions