VCAP-DCV 6.5 Deploy or VCAP-DCV 2018 Exam experience and Results!

First, I passed! 🙂 Super happy about that, now onto the actual details…


Normally for an exam write-up I would take time to list all of the resources or study material that I used, however; with this exam I decided to take it without putting in the time to study. I did so because with my current position I am deeply involved in the technologies required for this exam.

I will quickly share my thoughts and then direct you to another blog which covers the exam perfectly! Overall the skills covered and expected in the exam are very fair, in fact they even give you plenty of time to figure out the questions you may be unsure about. I ended up having over 1 hour left to look things up which is a massive change versus the 6.0 version!

As you will see here in Joshua Andrews’ blog make sure you cover the items in the blueprint. This holds true with any VMware exam, study the blueprint. Unsure of where to start? Download the blueprint!! A quick fantastic resource you could/should use is VMware’s Hands-on Labs. Not only is it free but you do not need to follow the script/directions if you do not want to. That means you have a free lab to study on!!

Good luck to anyone taking this exam, remember to take your time(you have plenty for this exam, do not feel rushed!)

8 thoughts on “VCAP-DCV 6.5 Deploy or VCAP-DCV 2018 Exam experience and Results!

  1. Hi Dave, Congrats! I’m preparing for this exam. If the NDA allows you… Are there questions you have to fix issues?

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