About Me

Hi All,

To start, my name is Brandon Bazan and this is just a ruff about me page that I will edit this down the road, at night probably after the kids are in bed 🙂

I am a fan of all different types of tech and currently a huge VMware junky! -On that very note I am currently working @VMware as part of an Internal Cloud team(O.C.)

Note and disclaimer: The views expressed on this site are my own and not the opinions and views of VMware.

I currently hold the VCP4-DCV, VCP5-DCV,  VCP-Cloud(IaaS), VCAP-DCA550, VCAP-DCD550,and VCIX-NV VMware certifications.

Looking forward to the VCIX certs for 6.x!

Twitter – @bbazan


I am proud to be married to an amazing wifey who gives up tons of time with me so I may pursue my certs/geeky-ness and a proud dad of two little boys who are amazing, they grow up way too fast! We have a dog and a large garden/garden beds….will have chickens again soon too!00Y0Y_bcpcNSYTWeJ_600x45000H0H_6N3XCcxh9zC_600x450


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