Tech Tools

The following are various tools I use for work or in my home lab setup:

GNS3: Need to simulate a network? GNS3 works well.

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool: Can be downloaded from CNET and allows you to format more drives, not just HP. If you have trouble formatting your USB drive this is a simple tool to use before you try putting an image on it with UNetbootin.

PuTTY: A must have tool for telnet and SSH, free and open source. Great for connecting to ESXi hosts, or various other devices.

UNetbootin: used for creating “live” bootable USB drives. Great for running ESXi from a USB drive or just installing from a USB drive. Easy to use and free!

VMware Tools: Looking for various tools for VMware? Be sure to check out the great content over at by Simon Seagrave.

WinRAR: Need to extract something like an ISO image? WinRAR will do that and much more. In my opinion it is far superior over winzip and other tools alike.


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